VICEN clothing is a brand like no other with extensions to f8wrk comics which is the official brand maker for VICEN clothing. Our goal is to use the resources available to us in Africa to make crazy designs and quality work in order to expand the length Africans have gone in terms of dress sense and fashion, vicen clothing is definitely coming strong when it balls down to our goals for fashion in Africa and in partnership with f8wrk we hope to move the clothing line to a next level clothing brand. Our areas of concentration are in the following:

  • Fabric quality
  • Style and design

These two areas are of most importance and therefore would be our superiority in terms of clothing, our aim is to achieve quality after made-cloths in terms of durability, cloth strength, smoothness and fineness. Our styles and designs are African based designs because of our love for our heritage and culture.


This is the official brand for the comics you see on our clothing, our idea is to keep the originality of our products and also keep the resemblance in our cloths. So as to be easily identified and will stand out. F8wrk is also the name of our comic production although f8wrk has not started comic production but as of now it is responsible for the writings, graphics and styling of comical nature on our cloths, we hope to expand f8wrk as we progress.