Technology has always been part of our lives since the early century, VICEN groups’ involvement in technology is in no doubt a move that has proven very fruitful and efficient in tackling certain human problems thereby finding a reliable solution through technology. We would continue to appreciate technology in every way we can because the very nature of our existence is due to technology.Due to how technology has aided us grow, VICEN Nigeria has devoted its time towards improving technology in the way it can and before the year 2025 we hope to be leading core of technology in Africa. Some of our future products includes:

GCast: app that allows a user to globally broadcast products and services to millions of individuals interlinked to different social media.
Smart homes:- homes in Nigeria and Africa with advanced programming able to carry out certain house functions
A.I:- robots able to learn and think, enabling it to learn on everyday basis.
Online currency: – an online currency made in Nigeria being the first of its kind with a very strong growth rate.
Courier transit:- a means of moving goods from one place to another without the use of cars, ship or air but a means totally safe and free from accident and a reliable way to transport in long distance.

VICEN group offers a wide range of employment opportunities in various areas and they include

  • Fashion
  • Agriculture
  • Information Technology
  • Busines
  • Science and tech
  • Arts and animation
  • Others